We offer outstanding COVID-19 sanitation and disinfection services. Fixed-NC LLC understands what is required to remove the coronavirus from your Greenville home, business, or public space. Our contractors are highly trained experts that have experience removing COVID-19 and performing coronavirus sanitation services on a wide variety of surface types. We’ll take great care to ensure that your space is safe using a two-step process that sterilizes your surfaces and adds a protective coating that keeps them bacteria free for up to 30 days. We provide outstanding service as well as exceptional customer support so you can count on your COVID-19 sanitation and disinfection services to be rendered by helpful, knowledgeable Greenville based specialists.

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With a 24/7 Emergency repair option, we bring over 30 years of experience to your repair and restoration needs

COVID-19 Disinfection Services in Greenville

We offer total removal of COVID-19 from your Greenville home, business, or public space. You never know who you or those around you may have encountered. Using the advanced two-step sterilization products mPale and mPerial, you can be sure that your property is safe. The virucide and fungicide mPerial is a food-safe sanitizer that will eliminate any traces of viral cells. After your space has been cleaned, mPale is applied to protect surfaces for 30 days. mPale’s spiked molecular structure pierces the cell walls of any virus that contacts it, permanently neutralizing it. Safe to use on wood, metal, and even textiles, mPale will keep you safe. We can also schedule reapplication for evenings anywhere in Greenville so as not to disrupt the operation of your business.

The Expert Coronavirus Sanitation Service Specialists of Greenville

Our sanitation specialists are highly trained to ensure excellent COVID-19 disinfection services. They are given ongoing training and stay up to date on the latest coronavirus developments to bring Greenville the modernized services that it requires. Our technicians also receive ongoing training in providing outstanding customer support so that they are always available to take your questions, comments, and concerns. You’ll appreciate the level of care our coronavirus sanitation specialists take with your space

Greenville Residential, Commercial, and Public COVID-19 Sanitation Services

We offer COVID-19 sanitation and disinfection service to all types of spaces, from residential spaces to Greenville commercial and public buildings. Fixed-NC LLC can provide virus disinfection to a range of residential buildings and spaces such as houses, apartments and apartment buildings, and condos. If you are a business owner or otherwise associated with a commercial space, we are happy to provide health and safety to your customers and employees with expert COVID-19 cleaning and sanitation. We also provide services to public areas like Greenville schools, parks, and government buildings.

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At Fixed-NC, we listen to property owners in Greenville and help them through each step of the process. From water damage to smoke mitigation to drying and cleanup, all the way through rebuilding, we’re with you. Large jobs or small jobs, residential or commercial, we do it with integrity, care, compassion, and efficiency. Our staff has more than 30 years of experience in the property repair industry. We serve Greenville and the surrounding areas.

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