At Fixed-NC, we know how distressing it can be to have a fire damage your commercial property in Greenville. With our commercial fire damage restoration services, we can come out to take care of the aftermath and get everything fixed, cleaned, and rebuilt. Don’t let fire damage go unattended, as it can cause further damage to your Greenville property. Give us a call and we will make sure to clean and restore your commercial space so you can get back to business.

Emergency Repair

With a 24/7 Emergency repair option, we bring over 30 years of experience to your repair and restoration needs

24 Hour Fire Damage Restoration in Greenville

Our fire damage restoration services are available to you anytime of day or night. Whenever you need us, we will come to your Greenville property, stabilize it, and prevent any further damage. We are always ready to get place in Greenville recovered through our commercial fire damage restoration services. Give us a call whenever you need help, and we will come to your property to begin the process of restoration.

Greenville Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup

The first method of business in a restoration job is clearing the aftermath of the fire. Our commercial fire cleanup crew is skilled at getting rid of soot, smoke damage, and excess water at Greenville properties. We work safely and carefully, placing protective coverings over the undamaged areas so that we can properly clean the affected areas without risking further damage to the rest of the property.

Sprung a leak?
We can help with the water damage.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration for Greenville

After commercial fire damage cleanup is complete, we can begin the process of restoring the damaged areas of your property. By the time we finish, your commercial building will look just as it should. We will ensure that all of the damage has been repaired and cleaned so that you can return to business as usual. Don’t let a fire get in the way of your business in Greenville; let us handle the restoration for you.

Your Property Damage Professionals & Disaster Team is Here for You and Standing By