When your home or business goes through a fire, the damages that occur can be overwhelming and stressful. Not only will property most likely to suffer from fire and smoke damage, but it will more than likely suffer water damage as well. To prevent this from happening and to decrease the chances of any further damage, calling a fire damage restoration team is necessary. We can handle your Goldsboro property's fire restoration needs and lower the chances of your Goldsboro property having to go through a handful of fire damage repairs, and also will lower repair and fire restoration costs.

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Calling in a fire damage restoration team as soon as your Goldsboro fire has occurred is particularly important. You should make it a priority to have fire damage cleanup services and smoke damage cleanup services performed immediately after a fire because it will deter the chances of further damages from occurring in your Goldsboro home or business. Performing fire damage cleanup services or smoke damage cleanup services immediately after a fire will not only make the fire damage repair and restoration process easier, it will also be more cost-effective.

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Not only is our company owned by a woman, but we are also a locally owned establishment that tends to its community's needs first. Our community has been affected by many natural disasters, and we have seen the lack of integrity and care to fix and restore properties throughout Goldsboro first-hand. At Fixed-NC, we will quickly respond to your call and perform any necessary services to carefully and rapidly restore your Goldsboro property to a comfortable home or business.

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Fires and fire damages can be tricky situations. When you experience a fire, it is important to have the proper tools and knowledge on hand so that there is not any room for mistakes to be made or overlooked. Only a few signs are apparent during a fire damage inspection. You will be able to see discoloration on walls and ceilings and dark stains left on surfaces as a reminder of smoke. However, trained professionals such as our team at Fixed-NC will be able to spot non-apparent signs of fire damages — such as trapped odors and soot.

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