Moisture and darkness are the prime conditions which allow mold to thrive. Water will permeate almost anything eventually. In less than 24 hours, mold formation begins. Mold is living, and therefore cannot be killed easily. It must be destroyed and then carefully removed. Unless commercial mold removal is completed by professionals, there is a chance people can get sick, and improper removal can exacerbate the mold problem. Commercial mold remediation will ensure that mold has a difficult time returning to your Greenville building.

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How Mold Entered Your Greenville Building

Mold and mildew are similar, but very different. Mildew sits on the surface and can be removed with some scrubbing. Mold forms in water. Because water permeates surfaces like upholstery, carpet, drywall, insulation, hardwood floors and substructures, the mold in that water can form. Mold removal requires more specialized equipment, the spores can become airborne and cause health problems or further creep into the building. Our commercial mold remediation in Greenville will safely remove the hazard and make the Greenville building safe.

Handling Commercial Mold Remediation, Yourself

Mold adheres to the “tip of the iceberg” principle. If you see even a small amount, don’t attempt commercial mold removal yourself, there is likely much more than is visible. That is where most Greenville building owners go wrong. There are health risks associated with improperly removing mold, which can cause the spores to become airborne. When inhaled into the human lungs, they can trigger, though not cause, asthma and other very serious respiratory ailments. Sometimes the damage is permanent.

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Professional Mold Removal in Greenville

Commercial mold removal in Greenville starts with mold abatement. The spread of the mold must be stopped for any work to continue. Following the abatement process, our team implements the actual mold removal. During the process, negative air machines ensure airborne spores are quickly captured. Affected materials like drywall and carpeting are removed and replaced with similar clean materials. Surfaces are disinfected and treated with sprays that mold will not to grow upon.

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