Mold and mildew are similar, but not the same. Mildew is a fungus that is found on moist surfaces and is typically white or gray in color. It can easily be scrubbed off that surface. Mold is more complex. It can be green or black and can explode in infestations. It can be fuzzy or slimy. Mold abatement ends or reduces the mold advancements. Mold removal is the process of getting rid of the mold. Mold mitigation is the process of making your building no longer inviting to mold.

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The process of properly removing mold from a building in Greenville is best left to professionals. The mold itself isn’t particularly harmful, it is the spores that even the dry and dead looking mold can release into the air. If inhaled into the lungs, they can cause anything from allergic reactions to severe respiratory issues. If the mold produces mycotoxins, they can be toxic and deadly. Our mold removal experts in Greenville use proper equipment and standards set forth by the health department to remove your mold safely and effectively.

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Before mold in Greenville can be removed, it must first be stopped so it can’t continue to expand during the removal process. Stopping the mold doesn’t necessarily mean killing the mold. It can’t be “killed,” because it was never “alive.” If moisture is reintroduced it can continue to release the toxic and possibly deadly spores into your home’s air. The situation can rapidly get out of control if those spores get into your air system. Our Greenville mold abatement experts properly stop the advancement of mold, to prepare for its removal.

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Any porous materials to which mold has attached will most likely be thrown out and replaced with fresh materials. Then our mold mitigation professionals use antimicrobial chemicals to clean remaining surfaces after the removal of mold. Our experts then apply a sealer or encapsulant that will help with odor and make the surfaces less friendly to another mold infestation. The most important, and oft forgotten, part is finding the original source of the moisture and capping it.

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