You may think that having a mold problem is an obvious issue, but that’s not always the case. Often mold grows in places you can’t see, such as behind appliances or beneath wallpaper. Mold testing can tell you if you have a problem that needs addressing. When you need black mold testing done on your Greenville property, Fixed-NC can take care of it for you. Black mold testing will let you know if you need mold removed in order for your Greenville property to be a safe space.

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Greenville Mold Inspection and Testing

The main reason to have mold inspection and testing done for your Greenville property is to see if it could be hiding somewhere and harming you. If you and others on your property are having sudden respiratory problems, it could be a sign that mold spores are getting into the air and your lungs. When you want to see if maybe you have mold on your Greenville property, we can help you by conducting testing. Give us a call to come inspect your property.

Getting Mold Testing Results in Greenville

Testing for mold will let us know where hidden mold is present on your Greenville property, and to what extent. The results and information we gather from inspections will let us know exactly how we should go about the mold removal process. Wherever on your property tests positive for mold, we will gladly help to remove it and work to prevent future outbreaks.

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After a Greenville Mold Inspection – What’s Next

If a mold inspection determines that there is indeed an issue present on your Greenville property, we can begin the process of removing it. This will involve sealing off the whole affected area and then removing the infected materials. Once all of the mold has been removed, we can work to restore or repair any parts of the property that were too severely damaged to be cleaned. We’ll take care of the mold so that you can breathe easy again.

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