If exposed to mold, any home or business can quickly become a dangerous place to be. At Fixed-NC, we act as a mold removal company and serve properties throughout Goldsboro with mold removal services. With a water source and food (which happens to be just about every material used in construction), mold can produce spores in as little as 48 hours. It is imperative to hire a professional mold removal team if you suspect any trace of mold on your property — the faster you act, the less it will affect your health and wallet.

Emergency Repair

With a 24/7 Emergency repair option, we bring over 30 years of experience to your repair and restoration needs

A Leading Mold Removal Company in Goldsboro

Fixed-NC is a woman and locally-owned mold removal company, and our team values the health of the community they serve. Our professional mold removal experts have years of experience performing mold removal services throughout the Goldsboro community. Mold remediation requires an attentive professional who carries the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools in order to complete the job successfully. Our main objective is returning your Goldsboro home or business back to a habitable state. When we are called on to do a mold remediation job, we do it with ease and efficiency and with a touch of compassion and integrity.

Providing Goldsboro Property Owners with Mold Remediation Services

Mold growth can be a devastating event to happen to your Goldsboro property. Within 48 hours of a flood, a slow leak, or a broken pipe, mold will begin to destroy the structure of your property gradually. For mold to spread and reproduce, it only needs an organic food source — such as most construction material. If more than two days have passed, mold will affect any wet material — which is why we recommend that you handle all mold removal and mold remediation services as quickly as possible. Fixed-NC's professionals can safely and efficiently rid you of your mold problems in a short amount of time, returning your Goldsboro home or business back to normal.

Sprung a leak?
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Solving Mold Problems Throughout Goldsboro

As long as you take swift action after experiencing a flood or leak and call our professionals at Fixed-NC, you can rest assured that your home will suffer less costly damages and need for repairs. Our team of professionals are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week, and respond rapidly. We use a non-toxic, EPA certified spraying technique that both controls current mold growth with ease and establishes an anti-microbial barrier on your surfaces to prevent any further growth for 30 days at minimum. With only a single service you can reclaim your Goldsboro property from mold and ensure its safety for weeks to come.

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