Our professionals at Fixed-NC have specialized in water damage and water restoration services for Goldsboro property owners for a handful of years. We are a water restoration company that provides Goldsboro homeowners with the necessary tools, knowledge, and experience to complete water damage restoration services and restore your home to normal. At Fixed-NC, our goal is to be present for our customers and provide them with proper water restoration services to fit their Goldsboro home's needs. We are a team of professionals who are here for you and are constantly standing by, making us available to you and your needs 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Emergency Repair

With a 24/7 Emergency repair option, we bring over 30 years of experience to your repair and restoration needs

A Leading Water Restoration Company in Goldsboro

When water damage occurs on your property, the chances are that you will experience property damage and possible losses. This is generally caused by water permeating your home's structural material. Water damage is a significant contributor to the loss of property and belongings. We know that water damage restoration services can be a stressful and time-consuming process for Goldsboro homeowners. At Fixed-NC, we strive to enter each water restoration and flood restoration project with our customers' best interests in mind.

Providing Goldsboro with Quality Restoration Services

Though we find it's important to fix our focus on property owners who are going through the impact of Hurricane Florence, we do provide our specialized services to Goldsboro properties that have experienced a common source of property damage, such as water, fire, and mold. As a water restoration company in Goldsboro, we provide property owners with additional services such as flood restoration, property, and structural damage, drying and dehumidification, and odor control.

Sprung a leak?
We can help with the water damage.

Goldsboro Property Owners Can Depend on Fixed-NC to Restore Their Property

Regardless of what kind of property you own or what project you need to be done, Fixed-NC will proudly take on any job — large or small. Water damage can leave quite an impact on a home or business, ruining not only the structural condition of a property but what is inside as well. Whether it is your personal belongings, your walls, your furniture, or your flooring, exposure to water promises the potential of rot and welcomes fungi and bacteria. If you do not immediately or properly have your water damage taken care of, you risk furthering damages and jeopardizing your entire property.

Your Property Damage Professionals & Disaster Team is Here for You and Standing By